Optical Shop Furnishings

Pedà Arredamenti is an Italian company that has been operating in the customised interior design sector since 1988.

Founder Paolo Pedà immediately distinguished his company with high-quality craftsmanship, dedicating his attention to the creation, production and supply of interior furnishings, working with prominent Italian architects and designers..

Today, this small business is expanding, and the skills gained through years of experience in the industry are being passed down from generation to generation; this is how Alice and Alessio Pedà became the new company directors.

“Pedà Arredamenti’s main objective is to keep craftsmanship alive, preserve it and pass it on, and respect the high quality standards and “Made in Italy” approach that have always distinguished the brand.”

The company has always operated in both the residential and contract sectors, specializing in recent years in the commercial sector of Optics.

It is precisely in the Optics sector, in fact, that the company is mainly offering its services.

Listening to the needs of the Optician, furnishings are created that feature clean and elegant lines with the goal of providing the right display of each individual eyeglass.

“Our custom work brings our customers’ desires to life. Like sartorial work, craftsmanship allows us to produce customized, one-of-a-kind products.“

Our technical department, in collaboration with our architects, defines and elaborates the furniture, designing functional, aesthetically consistent products with timeless lines for the customer.

We then guide our client through the vast selection of woods, materials and finishes.

Thus from our carpentry workshop come out unique products, embellished by the use of excellent materials and cared for in every detail.

Finally we entrust the assembly to specialized in-house personnel, delivering the work perfectly executed.

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