About us

Pedà Arredamenti is an Italian company that has been operating in the customised interior design sector since 1988.

Founder Paolo Pedà immediately distinguished his company with high-quality craftsmanship, dedicating his attention to the creation, production and supply of interior furnishings, working with prominent Italian architects and designers.

Today, this small business is expanding, and the skills gained through years of experience in the industry are being passed down from generation to generation; this is how Alice and Alessio Pedà became the new company directors.

“Pedà Arredamenti’s main objective is to keep craftsmanship alive, preserve it and pass it on, and respect the high quality standards and “Made in Italy” approach that have always distinguished the brand.”

With their furniture, they intend to bring beauty into homes and workplaces, which is the driving force behind peace of mind and determines the quality of people’s environment, living space and way of life.

The company has always operated in both the residential and contract sectors, specialising in recent years in the commercial optician sector.

It is precisely to opticians’ shops that the company is paying particular attention, creating furnishings with clean lines and listening to opticians’ needs, with the aim of offering an attractive display of each individual pair of glasses.

“Our ‘tailor-made work’ brings our customers’ wishes to life. Like tailoring, craftsmanship allows us to produce customised products, unique pieces.”

Supported by the technology of our numerically controlled machinery and highly specialised young people, our furniture remains timeless. This is how tradition and innovation come together at Pedà Arredamenti today.

Our technical department, in cooperation with our architects, define and develop the furniture, designing functional and aesthetically consistent products with timeless contours for the customer.

We offer a wide range of woods, materials and finishes.

Finished and unique products emerge from our joinery workshop, thanks to the use of excellent materials and a high level of expertise that highlights the attention to detail.

“Pedà Arredamenti’s talent is knowing how to combine craftsmanship with new technologies.”

This art is expressed in both residential and commercial projects, thanks to the manual skill and qualification of our craftspeople, applied to innovative design systems.

The company has always paid particular attention to the environment, using premium materials, wood from controlled deforestation areas, and water-based coatings, guaranteeing the same aesthetic and quality results as solvent-based lacquers.

Pedà Arredamenti offers advice during the design phase, accurate support in the choice of materials and finishes, and ultimately entrusts the assembly to specialised in-house personnel.